An introduction

  First of all, I’m Megan, or as my children say, my name is Mom. I’m a mother to three gorgeous children. <–plus a little biased, since I think they are perfection.  My oldest, Haylee, is almost seven, and will be starting first grade this year. My twins, Zak and Molly, will be five in August, and thankfully, I have another year with them before they start Kindergarten. 

  I’m married to a pretty fantastic husband, Walter. We’ve been together since highschool, so, almost ten years! We’ve been married for almost eight years now. Even after this time, I still am wildly in love with him. 


  A little about what my blogging will be about…Crocheting, patterns, recipes, motherhood, children, and just random thoughts that pop into my head. I’m always open to suggestions, so if there is something you would like to see me post, let me know! I own my own shop where I sell my crocheted items, and I would like to get to know my clients a little better, and let them into my life happenings more. So, make sure you check out for all of your handmade/crocheted needs! There is something for everyone! 


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