I 💜 Unicorns

I’ve always loved unicorns. As a child, I had one that had rainbow colors for the tail and mane, and I always thought she was the prettiest one ever. Even now, I’ve yet to outgrow my love of bright colors. 

    So when I saw this yarn, I knew it was meant to be a unicorn blanket. The colors just flow together so well, and stripe on their own. It’s perfect. I cut and sewed the silouhette of a unicorn by hand to the bottom also. It just completes the entire look. 

 This blanket can be your little ones first magical lovey. It measures 26x26in and is spot on for a baby. 


Fall is in the air

Fall is so close! The temperature is starting to drop some around here, and the days are getting shorter. It is one of my favorite times of the year! 

 This scarf is perfect for accessorizing this year. It can be used as a shawl or scarf depending on how you choose to wear it. I love how the colors flow so well. 
You can find this Here in my shop. 

A little yellow fish

My shop is running a Christmas in July special! All orders can use the code XMASINJULY5 and get 5% off their order. 

This adorable hat is my newest listing. The little yellow fish Is so cute, the colors of the hat makes it appear as the though the fish is swimming. 


I love all things  Mermaid. Always have. It may have something to do with The Little Mermaid coming out when I was young and my love for that movie. There is just something so appealing about mermaids. The colors associated with them, the legends, everything.

One of my favorite things I’ve made to date has been my crocheted mermaid outfits. I’ve sold many of these for photo shoots, Halloween, and other occasions. I’m offering them in my shop right now, and if you use the code INSTA5 at check out, you will get 5% off the entire order!


dumb tail